Artisan Golfers' Association


Competitions for 2018

The AGA Council have attempted to provide attractive Tournament venues for 2017. They are listed on this website and for the first time Clubs and Players can download the entry forms to view the full details of each competition. We trust that Clubs and Players find the events and venues attractive and that we receive record entries.          

We would also welcome constructive comments. If there are reasons why Clubs or Players feel unable to support these tournaments we request that those reasons be emailed to the Competition Secretary so that feedback can be incorporated into future arrangements.  

Anyone wishing to be selected for AGA matches, please contact the Captain

For late entries or cancellations please contact
Competition Secretary

Notice covering all Tournaments for 2018

  The Council of the AGA have decided that buggies will only be able to be used by players having a current medical certificate stating that they need assistance to be able to compete. NO OTHER PLAYER MAY USE THE BUGGY.  The certificate must be produced on the day of the tournament otherwise the player will not be permitted to use the buggy

All entries MUST have a competition handicap at his / her Artisan Club Section and not any other club. 
Failure to comply with this will mean instant disqualification from the competition and will not qualify for any other tournaments.


Dates for 2018 National Competitions Course Entry Forms/Start Sheet
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13 April Carr Memorial Trophy
(Handicap - all)
Essenden Golf & Country Club Entry Form _
14 May Challenge Trophy 
(Formerly Junior Trophy)
(Handicap - 16 -28)
West Hill Entry Form _
14 May Veterans
(Handicap - all) 
West Hill Entry Form _
08 June Sandy Herd & JHTaylor Trophy
(Handicap - all) 
Dyrham Park Entry Form _
03 Sept Jewell Trophy 
(Formerly Intermediate) 
& Butler Trophy
(Jewell Handicap - 10 - 15  Butler - all)
Woking Entry Form _


Dates for 2018 AGA Matches Course Team Sheet/ Results
  tba AGA v Oxbridge Temple _
tba AGA v Senior Golfing Society  Denham _
tba AGA v Irish tba _
TBA North v South TBA _